Supported Projects

HUSKY ENERGY CLEANUP AND DEMOLITION WORK BEGINS More Than 300 Workers Coming On-line To Restore Refinery (SUPERIOR, Wis.) – Employees and contractors are returning this month to the badly damaged Husky Energy refinery after a long, hard winter away. This is an encouraging sign for Wisconsin’s only refinery and major employer in the Superior-Duluth area,… Read more »

(MADISON, Wis.) – The critical need to move forward on the State Highway 23 expansion project in Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties brought many diverse voices together in support of the project. The project recently cleared a critical legal hurdle, and now the four- lane expansion, which was tentatively slated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to begin this summer, can proceed.

“Taxes and fees to local and state governments from a single mine would be over $27 million. These numbers don’t take into account the indirect economic development that would result from a new facility, including businesses needed to support project operations, housing development, and even increased spending at local restaurants and other establishments. Despite rhetoric… Read more »

“The recently-enacted state legislation created a framework to allow for tremendous economic growth. A typical mine could create 300+ family-sustaining jobs in the local community. The Flambeau mine, for example, utilized local people for 85% of its workforce. Taxes and fees to local and state governments from a single mine would be over $27 million.” Click… Read more »

In order for Wisconsin to continue to support and grow its economy, investment in infrastructure, such as the Project, is needed. Among the Purposes and Need identified for the Project are: • Provide system continuity between the city of Sheboygan and the city of Fond du Lac. WIS 23 is a major east-west connecting highway… Read more »

WIIN took the opportunity to release a statement with comments on the DNR’s Draft Industrial Sand Mining Strategic Analysis. In this statement, (they/we) comment on specific issues pertaining to current trends (groundwater), local roads, and property values. The goal of this statement is to provide additional information and comments on certain sections.

WIIN believes that for Wisconsin to continue to grow its economy, investments in infrastructure are needed. Projects, like the I-94 East-West Corridor are important, especially to workers whose transportation route runs through this area. Efficient roads, highways, and bridges are necessary for people and goods to reach their desired market. Without a quality infrastructure, Wisconsin can not remain competitive with outside markets.