WIIN took the opportunity to release a statement with comments on the DNR’s Draft Industrial Sand Mining Strategic Analysis. In this statement, (they/we) comment on specific issues pertaining to current trends (groundwater), local roads, and property values. The goal of this statement is to provide additional information and comments on certain sections.

WIIN Comments on I-94 East-West Corridor Study

WIIN believes that for Wisconsin to continue to grow its economy, investments in infrastructure are needed. Projects, like the I-94 East-West Corridor are important, especially to workers whose transportation route runs through this area. Efficient roads, highways, and bridges are necessary for people and goods to reach their desired market. Without a quality infrastructure, Wisconsin can not remain competitive with outside markets.

It is no secret that our country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Instead of identifying and making infrastructure investments, states are choosing to cut taxes and offer corporate subsidies, which have not created the improvement our roads need. In general, many states are cutting infrastructure spending, which is the opposite solution to fixing the problem. States need to invest in their infrastructure to fix current issues and prevent future problems. If infrastructure issues are not addressed and faced in the coming years, it will only be more difficult to solve this heavy-hanging issue.

WIIN is committed to seeing Wisconsin’s infrastructure thrive. It has been widely acknowledged that there is no long-term funding solution prepared for Wisconsin’s aging highway infrastructure. WIIN believes a long-term plan must be developed, as well as a sustainable plan.

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