HUSKY ENERGY CLEANUP AND DEMOLITION WORK BEGINS More Than 300 Workers Coming On-line To Restore Refinery (SUPERIOR, Wis.) – Employees and contractors are returning this month to the badly damaged Husky Energy refinery after a long, hard winter away. This is an encouraging sign for Wisconsin’s only refinery and major employer in the Superior-Duluth area,… Read more »

(Madison)…Wisconsin residents overwhelmingly support laws that create new levels of taxpayer protection and highlights Wisconsin-based employers in publicly-funded construction projects. The proposals would impact publicly-funded infrastructure projects and create a series of new protections for taxpayers from being burdened with hidden costs by companies that bid on taxpayer- funded projects that require low bids. In… Read more »

(MADISON, Wis.) – The critical need to move forward on the State Highway 23 expansion project in Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties brought many diverse voices together in support of the project. The project recently cleared a critical legal hurdle, and now the four- lane expansion, which was tentatively slated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to begin this summer, can proceed.

It is no secret that our country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Instead of identifying and making infrastructure investments, states are choosing to cut taxes and offer corporate subsidies, which have not created the improvement our roads need. In general, many states are cutting infrastructure spending, which is the opposite solution to fixing the problem. States need to invest in their infrastructure to fix current issues and prevent future problems. If infrastructure issues are not addressed and faced in the coming years, it will only be more difficult to solve this heavy-hanging issue.

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater released a study to demonstrate the economic benefits of trade-supported training on the community. The study was developed because of the changing relationship between the construction industry and the trades in Wisconsin, and how those industries impact students and their communities. Students involved in a trade program can see benefits… Read more »